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Rose City Pressure Washing, LLC is a Christian Owned and Operated Business with more than 25 years experience.

This experience allows Rose City Pressure Washing, LLC to be fully equipped to tackle small or large structures with even the most challenging architecture.

Rose City Pressure Washing LLC is an aggressive advocate for LOW COST ECO-FRIENDLY Solutions. We use only the safest tools techniques and Ecologically Safe Cleaning Solutions to bring back that “Like New” appearance you can be proud of. The use of LOW PRESSURE on sensitive areas such as Shingle Roofing, Wood Siding, Metal Surfaces and Brick will protect your Church from unwanted damage that high pressure washers can cause. So there is much less risk involved than with traditional power washing.

We also take the time protect what is important to you. We cover and protect all ELECTRICAL OUTLETS PLANTS AND PLANT BEDS, OUTDOOR FURNITURE, STATIONARY PLAY SETS, PET FOOD CONTAINERS AND ANIMAL HABITATS. If we can’t move it we will cover and protect it.


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