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Industrial Services

Three Headed Surface Cleaner

Surface Cleaning

Surface areas get the most traffic and are highly visible. When they are dirty, people notice. Keeping the surface areas in and around your commercial or industrial building clean adds to the appeal of your business. We provide eco friendly removal of surface and subsurface stains such as rust, oil stains, and more!

commercial Building cleaning

EPA Regulated Clean Up

Keeping our environment clean and healthy is a responsibility that we take seriously. Rose City Pressure Washing, LLC is proud to do our part by offering EPA Regulated Clean Up services. From oil spills to chemical and hazardous waste removal, we bring the latest Eco-Friendly Solutions and Technology to protect our environment.

24 Hour Service Portland OR

24 Hour Service And Night Work

Our Commercially trained technicians are available 24 hours a day 7 Days Week to provide discrete, non-invasive services without slowing down the flow of business as usual.

Warehouse Cleaning Portland OR

Warehouse Cleaning

Rose City Pressure Washing, LLC Specializes in Tenant Preparation Interior Space and Concrete Cleaning using the latest Hot Water Technology and Equipment along with Ecologically Friendly Cleaning Solutions to provide you with that Move in Ready look you are looking for.


Hazardous Oils and Chemicals

Chemicals must be deposited of in a way that allows for a safe work space and a safe environment for all. Rose City Pressure Washing, LLC has the tools needed to make sure that the hazardous soils and chemicals are deposited in a way that will comply with local rules and regulations.


Water Recovery

Water runoff? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Rose City Pressure Washing, LLC we ensure that any water loss you experience will be properly cleared away. No matter what dirty, mucky water left after we clean your industrial site before we exit the premises it will be clean and ready for use.
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