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Roof Cleaning


If your roof is covered with MOSS, ALGEA,DIRT, BLACK STAINS AND STREAKS, you should know that isn’t a sign that your roof is worn out or that it needs to be replaced. These are common problems with roofs that in the Pacific Northwest. These problems can be solved safely by using low pressure roof cleaning techniques and Environmentally Friendly Solutions.

Rose City Pressure Washing LLC is an aggressive advocate for LOW COST ECO-FRIENDLY Solutions. We use only Safe, Low–Pressure techniques which will bring back that “Like New” appearance you can be proud of. This type of cleaning practice also protects your roof from un-wanted damage that high pressure washers can cause. So there is much less risk involved than with traditional power washing and proper care can extend the life of your roof by more than 10 years.  Ask about our Moss and Algae preventative Care Services.


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