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Specializing in Cleaning Trash Enclosure Equipment

Rose City Pressure Washing, LLC specializes in cleaning trash enclosures, recycling and compaction equipment.  Maintenance contracts are available and provide you with the most cost-efficient cleaning available.

Here is a brief list of products that we can assist you with:

  • Compactors
    • Self Contained Compactors
    • Stationary Compactors
    • Containers & Carts
    • PreCrushers
    • High Rise Compactors
    • Trash Room Compactors and Balers
  • Compactor Accessories
    • Hoppers
    • Cart Lifters
    • Tow Vehicles
    • Odor Control Units
  • Balers
    • Vertical Balers
    • Horizontal Balers
    • Auto-Tie Balers
    • Two-Ram Balers

If you use trash compaction or recycling equipment for your business, you understand the importance of keeping your waste equipment cleaned. Rose City Pressure Washing, LLC is experienced in cleaning compactors, balers and other compaction and recycling equipment.

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