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Awning Cleaning

To conduct an effective awning cleaning, the first thing we do is START with the RIGHT cleaning chemicals, making sure it is the correct type for the specific material. Rose City Pressure Washing LLC USES ONLY THE LATEST ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY CLEANING SOLUTIONS available on the market. The next step in our awning cleaning is rinsing the awning with clean water from our on board fresh water system followed by a cleaning solution measured precisely for your awnings special needs .

This is followed by a soft scrubbing and a low power wash at 500 PSI or lower. (A gentle clean will do the job). This method will purge any excess dirt and grime out without compromising the awning fabric. Our Bottom to Top cleaning process is guaranteed to get your store front back to a fresh clean appearance.

Finally, we will treat your awnings with a special sealer designed to prevent sun damage, hard water stains, rust and other damaging effects of the environment to ensure the longevity and cleanability of your storefront investment.

Awning Cleaning Services We Offer:

  • Store front awning cleaning
  • Retail awning cleaning
  • Strip Mall awning cleaning
  • Drive Thru  awning cleaning
  • Restaurant Patio awning cleaning


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