Water Recovery

Pressure washing is one of the most efficient and affordable ways to maintain a fresh, clean look for building exteriors and other large, difficult to clean structures. As hazardous buildings and equipment are cleaned, some of the water that's used can become dirty and polluted with debris that we don't want to filter back into our rivers, lakes, streams, or drinking water. 

Pressure washing your home can bring a weathered exterior back to life. The fresh feel that power washing brings can increase your home's curb appeal and help bring up your property value. This can be especially important if you plan on selling your home or placing it on the market for rent.

It is up to us as cleaning professionals to properly judge the situation and use effective water recovery solutions where necessary. Before we leave your industrial site we ensure any compromised water that is unsafe to be left to evaporate on its own is cleaned up, removed and safely disposed of. By putting your trust in us, we can work together to protect our water systems and maintain a strong, healthy environment for generations to come. 

Our customized water recovery system is designed to prevent hazardous contamination from flowing back into the environment. We strictly follow all of Portlands EPA rules and regulations to ensure we're respecting our environment and being as eco-friendly as possible. 


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