A place of business represents the work produced by the owner and staff to their existing or potential clients. First impressions are vital to business success, and the appearance of the building from which the work is done is no exception. The overall cleanliness and upkeep done for a building is key, as it reflects the pride in ownership of a company and the quality of work produced. With over 20 years experience with commercial, industrial, and residential properties, Rose City Pressure Washing can meet all your business clean-up needs.  Graffiti Be Gone!

Graffiti Removal
What is one major issue that many business owners have to contend with? Graffiti. Unless your profession relies on paint sales, graphics, or artistic ability, you do not want graffiti on your place of business. It is extremely difficult to remove, so let the experts at Rose City Pressure Washing handle this issue and restore your building with professional, quality results. Emergency and same day service is available.

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