At Rose City Pressure Washing, we are committed to keeping your property spotless and beautiful.

Over the years, a thin film of dirt, grime, debris, bacteria, mold, mildew, moss, fungi or algae accumulates on every constructed surface, no matter the material. Maybe your siding or brick storefront has become discolored, your awning is streaked with mildew, your patio has gotten a little green over the years, or you just can’t seem to scrub those unsightly rust and oil stains off your sidewalk. Whatever it is, your property is showing its age, and it doesn’t have to. We’re here to help.

Pressure washing is a cost effective and eco-friendly way of getting rid of streaks, stains, allergens and discoloration, while restoring your property to its rightful beauty. By removing the harmful grime eating away at your roof, we can significantly extend its life span and negate costly long-term repairs. By washing your house or storefront with just the right tools for the material, we can take years off its appearance. We guarantee you will love the improvement after just one wash. It doesn’t matter how small or how tall, we are licensed, insured, bonded and equipped to tackle your project.

We also specialize in scheduled cleaning services for exterior property management and trash enclosures, recycling and compaction equipment, parking lots, preventative maintenance for heavy equipment, washing and hot waxing for truck fleets, and graffiti removal and prevention. Give us a call or submit a quote today.Commercial Power Washing Portland, Commercial Pressure Washing Portland