In a busy business environment it is easy to let some things slip by the wayside. In the minds of some business owners the cleaning of trash enclosures, trash compactors and their accessories is often a distant afterthought. Something that they may get around to if there is nothing else to do, yet trash enclosures are areas that need cleaned frequently for several reasons, here are just a few:

Health Concerns

Because trash enclosures (especially those behinds restaurants) store waste they often become havens for bacteria and other germs. Constant exposure to these germs, such as when an employee repeatedly takes out the trash or runs the trash compactor can make an employee or employees ill, sometimes severely. This can cause them to miss time from work which can cause a decrease in productivity and also potentially damage the reputation of your business. Trash Enclosure, Trash Compactor CleaningThink of it this way, what would happen if the local news broadcast your trash enclosure for the whole city to see? Would people marvel at the cleanliness of your business or shriek in horror?

Uninvited Guest

Trash enclosure cleaning and trash compactor cleaning not only improves the image of your business but it also deters pesky rodents from moving in to your area. Whether your business stands alone or in a shopping center, rodents and others pests such as raccoons can pose a serious problem to your employees, customers and profits. This is especially true if your work in the food service industry as rats, roaches and raccoons are always rummaging through dumpsters and recycle bins in search of food. Once found, these pests can invade in a very large way.

Portland’s Trash Enclosure Cleaning Experts

If you use trash compaction or recycling equipment for your business, you can see the importance of keeping your waste equipment cleaned. Rose City Pressure Washing, LLC is experienced in cleaning compactors, balers and other compaction and recycling equipment. Maintenance contracts are available and provide you with the most cost-efficient cleaning available. Call or contact us today for your trash enclosure cleaning free estimate! (503) 410-1350

Here is a brief list of products that we can assist you with:

  1. Compactors
    • Self Contained Compactors
    • Stationary Compactors
    • Containers & Carts
    • PreCrushers
    • High Rise Compactors
    • Trash Room Compactors and Balers
  2. Compactor Accessories
    • Hoppers
    • Cart Lifters
    • Tow Vehicles
    • Odor Control Units
  3. Balers
    • Vertical Balers
    • Horizontal Balers
    • Auto-Tie Balers
    • Two-Ram Balers

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