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Protect Your Business – Erase Graffiti Immediately

Date posted: November 21, 2012

When your business gets hit with graffiti it hurts – in more ways than one. First there is the emotional pain and reaction to seeing your business vandalized. Secondly there is the effect on your business. The presence of graffiti on your commercial building or storefront contributes to a decrease in retail sales as customers begin to wonder about their safety while in your store. Graffiti Removal Portland ORLastly there is the effect on your schedule. Time that you would normally spend growing your business now has to be diverted to the removal of the graffiti.

Get Rid Of Graffiti Quickly

If your business is the victim of graffiti then you will want to have professional graffiti removal performed right away. While the effect of graffiti on your business is bad enough, another reason to get rid of the graffiti as soon as possible is what it attracts. Namely more graffiti. When vandals notice a building exterior that has graffiti on it for any length of time they assume that the business owners either do not care or cannot remove the graffiti. This acts as an open invitation that they will not resist. In no time one graffiti image can multiply a graffiti laden wall that is both embarrassing and expensive. Protect your business by having graffiti removed immediately.

Portland OR Graffiti Removal

For over 20 years Rose City Pressure Washing have been helping businesses just like yours maintain a clean and inviting appearance, which includes removing graffiti. Our graffiti removal solutions penetrate deeply into the surface to dissolve and loosen ALL TYPES OF TAGS. Once the graffiti has been removed, a clear protective coating can be applied making the removal of any future graffiti much easier and more cost effective. The effects of graffiti can be upsetting but they are not permanent, especially if you call Rose City Pressure Washing. Call or contact us today to request your free graffiti removal estimate today! (503) 410-1350

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