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Your Backyard – A Summer Oasis

Summer time is here; cookouts, lawn parties and other outdoor functions held at your home can’t be far behind. Are you embarrassed by the dirt, mold, or algae that has built up on the exterior of your house over those long winter months? Call Rose City Pressure Washing today and watch stains and grime disappear […]

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Are Your Rain Gutters Prepared for ‘April Showers’?

The winter has finally ended, and this is the best time of the year to make sure that your rain gutters are prepared for the rainy season. The winter can play havoc with so many of the exterior features in your home. You need to make sure that all of your gutter connections are still […]

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Want to “Spruce Up” Your Commercial Property?

Owning commercial property is not the same as owning a home. Everyday you come to your home, and you get to see all of the changes that may need to be made. Usually, these changes are easier to identify than when it comes to your commercial property. In addition, a commercial property is judged more […]

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Maintaining A Clean Warehouse-Why Beneficial?

With so many sanitation laws in play in our workplaces these days, we all know that cleanliness on the inside of a building is important, but there are many benefits to keeping the outside looking nice too. With all the emphasis on what happens in the warehouse, sometimes it’s easy to forget that what happens […]

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Portland is our home, where we work and raise our children. That is why keeping our environment clean and healthy is a responsibility that we all share. From time to time environmental hazards and disasters do strike. When there is an environmental concern, be it a small chemical spill on the highway or even toxic […]

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When you look at pictures of old time storefronts it seems as if they all had awnings, and for good reason. Awnings have a way of transforming a regular storefront into a warm and inviting place, something about their old world charm that really draws people. But there is also function that goes along with […]

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